Dj Scottie
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Dj Scottie Background
Full blast entertainment provides a variety of entertainment services which includes emcee's (mc), disc jockeys (DJ), event lighting, live sound equipment rental and more. You have an event let us be your sound guide on your needs and wants. Dj Scottie has been Djing since 2003 for family and friends weddings and private parties for years which turned into a business. He loves music and love to be a part of any event. He has the capability to play all types of music from pop, country, 80's dance, 70's, jazz, lounges , hip hop, reggae, soca and so much more. Sometimes Dj Scottie plays from a playlist per customer request. Other times he is able to be spontaneous and create a personal live mix in real time for your event, which is always the most fun. It all depends on your needs and wants. Enjoying a memorable event is our number one priority here at Full Blast Entertainment. We’ll have a blast!
Dj Scottie! Your Dj for your events!
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