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  1. Wedding in RI
    Rosecliff Mansions
  2. Wedding in MA
    Do the Nae Nae
  3. Wedding in Milford CT area
    Cotton Eye Joe
  4. Wedding in Hudson NY
    80's mix
  5. Wedding in MA
    Country song slow dance
  6. Wedding Upstate NY
  7. Wedding in CT
    Spanish and American Wedding
  8. CT River Academy Prom
    High School Kids having a good time at prom
  9. Sacred Heart School Dance
    Kids and adults have a great time at their spring dance.
  10. Yale Trumbull College Party CT Dj Scottie
    College Party!
  11. Wedding in CT
    Cupid Shuffle
  12. Emmanuel Church Volley Ball Night
    Volley ball for the kids and adults in the community. Can't have a good time without some music. :)
  13. Birthday Party in Upstate NY
    Celebration of a 40th birthday
About Dj Scottie

DJ Scottie (Sheldon Scott) provides a variety of entertainment services which includes emcee's (mc), disc jockeys (DJ), event lighting, live sound equipment rental and more. 

Dj Scottie has been Djing since 2003 for family and friends weddings and private parties for years which turned into a business. He loves music and loves to be a part of any event. He has the capability to play all types of music from pop, country, 80's dance, 70's, jazz, lounges , hip hop, reggae, soca and so much more.

Sometimes Dj Scottie plays from a playlist per customer request. Other times he is able to be spontaneous and create a personal live mix in real time for your event, which is always the most fun. It all depends on your needs and wants. Enjoying a memorable event is our number one priority here at Full Blast Entertainment. We’ll have a blast!

Dj Services Reviews


School Dance


DJ Scottie was the perfect DJ for our wedding! He was delightful to work with from the first moment we spoke with him, and not overly eager like most of the other DJ's who ended up contacting us multiple times via gigmasters. He played all of our requests and mixed them masterfully into a wonderful overall selection. He kept the party vibes high with his great personality and skilled ability to read the crowd. My only regret is that we didn't have him there longer!
Review by Jill H. FROM GREAT BARRINGTON, MA ON 10/2/2017 
DJ Scottie had us dancing to old school and new school music with the kids. It was loads of fun
Review by Lori D FROM Newburgh, NY ON 04/07/2018 
Sheldon (Dj Scottie) is incredible. We sent him an over-inclusive list of songs, and we had one quick phone conversation about the music. From this, he kept the vibe exactly where it needed to be for the whole event, and our guests as well as the venue staff all raved about the music. He cued the songs perfectly without any instruction, eliminating extended intros and outros. He is a true professional. He came in a tux, was extremely friendly, and really made our event better. I hope we have the opportunity to hire him again. Highly recommended.
Review by Ryanne D. FROM HUDSON, NY ON 9/3/2017

College Party

DJ Scottie played some great music and kept us dancing all night.
Review by Aleyssa FROM Yale New Haven, CT ON 04/06/2018

Birthday Party

Dj Scottie Full Blast Entertainment Dj Services were excellent. The interaction with the crowd was great. My guests responded well to the energy and vibes from start to finish. No tune was out of place. It was exactly what I wanted. Everyone including myself had a wonderful time!
Review by Francine B. FROM Queens, NY ON 02/07/2018


Birthday Party

DJ Scottie I would hire again without hesitation. Extremely professional, punctual and delivers!!! Thank you so much DJ Scottie for providing the audio for my wedding ceremony. Your equipment and sound worked and sounded perfect!!!!
Review by Jennifer S. FROM SUFFIELD, CT ON 9/16/2017
DJ Scottie is fantastic and can make everyone get up and dance at any party. I would recommend him for any event, from a wedding to a private gala to a 90th birthday party.
Review by Mike D. FROM Glastonbury, CT ON 02/07/2018 

School Dance

DJ Scottie had the kids dancing and having a great time. Even got some of the chaperones to dance.
Review by Nicole P. FROM Newburgh, NY ON 02/23/2018 
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